Extrax – D8 D10 Thc-O Vape Cartridge | Super Silver Haze


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Product Description

Delta Extrax Super Silver Haze vape cartridges are known for being the king of the Sativa strains! Blended with Delta 8/10/THC-O, be ready for a supreme experience! This strain is a wake-and-bake, get-up-and-go, or whatever you want to call it type of super Sativa strain. If youre feeling the need for an uplift, Super Silver Haze might be the strain youve been looking for. Users also report sharper, crisper attention, mood elevation, relief from fatigue, and generally a nice does of comforting euphoria. Its got a unique flavor/aroma profile that youll either love or hate, but youll only know if you give it a try!Hemp-derived broad spectrum Delta 8/Delta 10/THC-O0% 9 THCStrain characteristics: SativaStrain effects: Uplifting, energizing, euphoric buzzBest Time: Suggested for daytimeFlavor/Aroma: Spicy, sour citrus, skunky aromasNo cutting/filling oils, like VG, PG, PEG, MCT, Vitamin E, etc.Potential BenefitsFull body/cerebral experienceRelaxingStrong buzzHappinessRestfulnessPsychedelic experienceSpiritual experience


1x Extrax D8 D10 THC-O Vape Cartridge | Super Silver Haze


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