Extrax – Delta Thc-O Disposable Vape Gsc



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Product Description

GSC Premium Delta 8 THC-O Disposable is second to none. Our GSC THC-O disposable is part of our Omega Collection. Its strain profile is a Hybrid that is Indica dominant, and a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The flavor profile includes hints of citrus, mint, and sweet cherry.1 Gram92% Delta 8 distillate THC-O8% Terpenes Girl Scout Cookies  Hybrid Dominant Disposable with the ability to chargeA DDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Rechargeable NOT Refillable280 mAhNo Light when plugged into charger = fully charged White light while charging = still chargin gRed light = needs to be charged White light while in use = working/activated Terpenes Used: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate THC-O Distillate & Terpenes.** THIS THC-O PRODUCT IS DISPOSABLE****This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC Content**


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