High Voltage – 16Oz Detox Drink



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Product Description

Testnegative on your drug test with High Voltage DetoxHigh Voltage Detoxis a drink that has a special formula. Once you drink it, the components in the drink eliminate any toxins and residues that you dont want to be found. It can be used when you need to do a drug test, such as a work-related drug test. It beginstaking effect half an hour afterdrinking and can keepworking for up to 7 hours after drinkingit (this depends on your metabolism and the number of toxins in your system).Eliminate toxins of your body and avoid getting caught in a drug testThis product is recommended for those that weigh less than 108.8kg (240lb) – it might not be as effective in people that weigh more.How to use High Voltage Detox:Drink theentire bottleand then fill it with water and drink the entire bottle of water.Wait for 15 minutesand fill the bottle again. Drink it all up and wait until you need to pee. 30 minutes after drinking, itll begin eliminating all of the toxins in your body. Youll need tourinateat least three timesto ensure that it has made its way through your system. If you cant go to the bathroom, you canincreasethe amount of water intake. Kleaner Ureais also a great option.Ingredients ofHigh Voltage Detox:Creatine MonohydrateMilk thistle extract (seed)Echinacea Purpurea Extract (leaf)Burdock rootNettleGuarana extractVitamins C, B1, B2, B12Quantity ofHigh Voltage Detox:473ml per bottle


Blueberry | Blazin Cherry | Pomegranate | Lime Lemon | Watermelon

1x High Voltage 16oz Detox Drink

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Blueberry, Blazin Cherry, Pomegranate, Lime Lemon, Watermelon


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