Ooze – Quad Flex 500 Mah Square Flex Temp Battery



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Product Description

One of our favorite features of the Quad is the square shape. This battery has 4 flat sides, ensuring it will stay in one spot when you set it down. Never again will you watch in terror as your battery rolls off the table, cracking the cartridge when it hits the floor. The Quad stays put until youre ready for your next inhale.The Quad can be charged from either end! We include an Ooze Smart USB Charger with every purchase. This is a 510 thread charger that screws onto the top of the battery and is inserted into a wall adapter. This charger has a built-in safety mechanism that shuts off the energy flow from the power source into the battery as soon as the device reaches a full charge. This safety feature is why the use of a non-Ooze charger will void the batterys warranty. At the opposite end, there is a charging port for a USB-C charger that is sold separately.


Ultra Purple | Ghost White | Panther Black | Rainbow | Lucky Gold | Sapphire Blue | Ruby Red | Cosmic Chrome | Arctic Blue | Mary Jade | Ice Pink

1x Ooze Quad Flex 500 MAh Square Flex Temp Battery

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Ultra Purple, Ghost White, Panther Black, Rainbow, Lucky Gold, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Cosmic Chrome, Arctic Blue, Mary Jade, Ice Pink


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