Puffco – The Vision Plus Vaporizer


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For Best Results: (from the CCV fam)Always keep the mouthpiece upright, especially after use/when hot – keep the device as vertical as possible while in useSwab out the chamber after each use with dry glob mops while the chamber is still semi-warm – wet is easier to clean than dryWhen cleaning, be gentle when pressing into the chamber – it is an insert and too much pressure can damage the connection to the batteryFor a deeper cleaning, let the chamber completely cool and soak it in 99% isopropyl alcohol – anything less than 99% ISO has a water content that could damage the chamberAfter an ISO bath, with the chamber empty, run the device through multiple heat cycles to burn-off the residue or you will taste it””Sesh Mode”” is your best friend, just tap the button twice for a perfectly timed hit – DO NOT use sesh mode more than 3x in a row without letting the device coolKeep the device charged – a low battery will cause decreased vapor production and wasteWhat’s In The BoxPuffCo Vision Plus – fully assembled with chamber and mouthpiece with dartChargerGripCotton swabs


1x The PuffCo Vision Plus Vaporizer


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