Sunlight – Instant Charcoal 40Mm 100 Count


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Product Description

BIGGER IS BETTER: People love our new 40mm size for many reasons. The coal can carry twice as much incense without burning out. It won’t impact the taste of your flavor at all. They offer a wider surface area, providing a longer burn time and more space to put incense.WHAT YOU NEED: If you enjoy a nice and aromatic treatment or you simply love burning resin incense, we have a must-have accessory that will help you turn your ritual into a real relaxation oasis; our charcoals can be found in religious institutions, homes, and Spas across the world.BEST VALUE DEAL- One box comes with 10 rolls of 10 disks each. That means you get 100 charcoal disks per order! 45 Minutes per disc… Our charcoals are sure to last you a whileFAST LIGHTING: Our customers swear by our incense charcoal rounds. Why Because it takes no more than a single match to light one up in an instant. Our Charcoal discs have absolutely zero odor. You can enjoy aromatherapy and Turkish treatments with the amazing resin incense coal lighters.HOW IT WORKS: We have carefully crafted our charcoal for the best possible customer experience. When you take a disc out, simply expose it to an open flame for a few seconds. You will then see the charcoal start to emit embers that consume the entire charcoal. Within the minute, the entire charcoal glows RED HOT, and you can enjoy your incense and shisha experience!

1x Sunlight Instant Charcoal 40mm 100 Count


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