ELF VPR Ultra 7000 Puff Disposable



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ELF VPR Ultra 7000 Puff Disposable


  • E-liquid Capacity: 11ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% Disposable (5% Nic)
  • Battery Capacity: 700mAh (Rechargeable)
  • Puffs: 7000
  • Draw Activated
  • Mesh Coil
  • USB-C


Black Ice | Bluerazz Ice | Kiwi Strawberry | Lemon Mint | Lemon Mint | Lemon Mint | Miami Mint | Mixed Berry | Peach Ice | Pineapple Coconut | Pineapple Strawnana | Rainbow Candy | Strazz | Triple Berry Ice | Tropical Rainbow Blast | Watermelon Bubblegum | Watermelon Ice | Strawberry Banana | Strawberry Watermelon | Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew | Cherry Peach | Lychee Mango Kiwi | Lychee Mango Kiwi | Raspberry Orange


1x ELF VPR Ultra 7000 Puff Disposable

Elf Vpr 7000 Ultra Disposable – Every Puff Delivers Powerful Buzz

It comes with its own carrying case elf vpr 7000 ultra disposable vape meets and surpasses all your needs for ultra vaping, providing up to 7k puffs disposable per use!

The Power of elf vpr 7000 ultra vape

Each elf vpr 7000 ultra disposable vape offers over 7000 puffs for satisfaction! No other device comes close! Whether you prefer casual vaping sessions or need regular breaks from nicotine patches.

The ELF VPR 7000 Ultra’s 700mAh battery ensures consistent performance over its lifespan, and USB-C rechargeability enables convenient on-the-go charging (cable not included). No buttons or fuss are necessary – simply inhale, taste your flavor, and exhale – you don’t even have to turn on or adjust anything; it’s ready for vaping out of the pack so you can focus on enjoying your vaping session without worry of accidental buttons being accidentally touched by mistake!

Why Should You Pick Elf Vpr For Vaping?

The elf vpr 7000 ultra disposable offers many perks that make it a top choice among vapers who prioritize convenience, flavor, and longevity.

1. Convenience and Ease of Use: The ELF VPR Ultra 7000 Puffs come pre-filled with e-liquid for effortless usage without messy refills or coil changes required – simply draw puff and enjoy every hit without hassle or fuss!
2. Affordability: In terms of cost-effectiveness, the ELF VPR 7000 Ultra stands out. Thanks to its impressive puff count and 10-pack bundle pods, this vape delivers exceptional value for your money.
3. Variety of Flavors: Your taste buds are impressed with a variety of 24 delectable flavors! Choose from fruity favorites like Apple Black Ice and Strawberry Kiwi to refreshing Lemon Mint and irresistibly Watermelon Bubblegum to find something perfect.
4. Long-Lasting Battery: Our integrated rechargeable 700mAh battery ensures consistent performance throughout its lifespan, plus its USB-C rechargeability makes for convenient on-the-go charging.

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The elf vape 7000 ultra Disposable goes beyond being just another vape device – it’s an experience. Enjoy bold flavors, convenience, and longevity all wrapped into one disposable vape for maximum vaping bliss.

Unbeatable Flavor Variety

The elf vpr 7000 puffs disposable offers you an unrivalled flavor variety. Choose from classic fruit blends to refreshing mints and decadent desserts; there’s sure to be something perfect for every palette. Take a peek at some of its standout offerings:

1. Apple Black Ice: Crisp apples meet icy coolness.
2. Black Currant Grape: Packed full of dark berries.
3. Bluerazz Ice: Blue raspberry with an icy chill.
4. Cherry Peach: Delectable cherries meet sweet nectarines!
5. Kiwi Strawberry: Tropical Kiwi entwines with juicy strawberries for a delightful combination.
6. Lemon Mint: Zesty lemon blends perfectly with refreshing mint for an irresistibly tart taste experience. 7. Rainbow Candy: Enjoy Reminiscent of days gone by. With a combination of scents and sweet.
8. Strawberry Ice Cream: Creamy strawberry goodness awaits your pleasure.
9. Watermelons with Bubblegum: Savor juicy watermelons while indulging in nostalgic bubblegum treats as you get nostalgic over childhood treats!

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Black Ice, Bluerazz Ice, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemon Mint, Lemon Mint, Lemon Mint, Miami Mint, Mixed Berry, Peach Ice, Pineapple Coconut, Pineapple Strawnana, Rainbow Candy, Strazz, Triple Berry Ice, Tropical Rainbow Blast, Watermelon Bubblegum, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew, Cherry Peach, Lychee Mango Kiwi, Lychee Mango Kiwi, Raspberry Orange


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