HYPPE MAX Flow Mesh 2000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable



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HYPPE MAX Flow Mesh 2000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable


  • Pre-filled, No need for messy refills
  • Custom Airflow Control Selection
  • Up to 2000+ puffs per disposable
  • No Airflow: Fixed
  • E-liquid Capacity: 6mL
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Draw Activated Firing
  • Compact and Portable
  • 0% Disposable (0% Nic)


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1 x HYPPE MAX Flow Mesh 2000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable

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Aloe Grape, Aloe Orange, Banana Freeze, Blue Gummy, Blue Gummy, Blue Gummy, Cotton Candy Freeze, Cola Freeze, Chewy Watermelon, Guava Freeze, Guava Pineapple Orange, Gummy Teddy, Kiwi Strawberry, Lush Freeze, Mighty Mint, Naked, Peach Freeze, Red Apple Guava, Red Energy, Raspberry Watermelon, Strawberry Apple Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Freeze, Strawberry Guava, Strawberry Gummy, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Peach Pear, Limited Edition – Berry Freeze, Limited Edition – Mango Mochi, Limited Edition – Pineapple Sunrise, Limited Edition – Lemon Drop, Limited Edition – Watermelon Blast


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