SMOK Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape



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SMOK NOVO BAR AL9000 Disposable


  • Battery Capacity: 800 mAh (Rechargeable)
  • 5% Disposable (5% Nic)
  • Up to 9000 Puffs
  • 17W Max Power
  • 15ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Mesh Coil
  • 0.77A Charging Current
  • Type-C USB


Blackberry Razz | Blue Razz Lemonade | Clear | Fresh Mint | Fresh Mint | Fresh Mint | Honeydew Melon Mint | Kiwi Dragonfruit Berry | Orange Peach | Pink Lemonade | Polar Ice | Razz Banana | Root Beer | Strawberry Watermelon | Strawberry Kiwi | Watermelon Ice


1x SMOK NOVO BAR AL9000 Disposable

NOVOBAR has once more ventured into fulfilling its promise of creating high-quality vaping gear and has just dropped its newest disposable vape, the AL9000 – making waves in the vaping scene. This enthralling vape disposable is perfect for anyone who adores big clouds while longing for a super easy vaping experience. The trailblazer Smok Novo Bar Al9000 has drastically transformed the vaping landscape with its ultra-innovative and state-of-the-art attributes, facilitating a delightful and refined vaping experience.

Smok Novo Bar Al9000 Vape is thoughtfully designed for vapers who desire overwhelmingly hefty puffs without succumbing to complex maintenance prerequisites. It further features a unique and refreshing design depicting a work of art stirred by flowery paintings. AL9000 looks awesome with its colorful and distinctive pattern, unlike typical disposable vapes, adding elegance and aesthetics. Now, vapers have complete, super comfy vape disposables to hold thanks to their handy size and shape, which were deliberately fashioned. Moreover, it has you covered with its modifiable airflow setup that lets you effortlessly customize the vapor volume and flavor profiles. It also has a strong 800mAh built-in battery and a massive 15ml tank, turning every vaping session into a delicious adventure that lasts till a notable 9000 puffs.

AL9000 and Its Unique Flavor Palette

Smok Novo 9000 Disposable is available in 15 mouthwatering flavors, each tuned to match different vaping preferences. Plus, AL9000 gives you the premium vaping odyssey you have always fantasized about with its tantalizing concoction of different tangs and aromas. Its flavor range is known for its versatility, which includes Raspberry Blueberry, Blackberry, Big Bang Fruits, Grape Ice, Cherry Cola, Sour Apple, Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Lush Ice, Kiwi Passionfruit, Strawberry Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Triple Mango, and the list goes on.

Smok Novo Bar AL9000 with Smart Indicators

Smok Novo Bar Al9000 Disposable Vape is fashioned with excellent features, making it nailing in the vaping scene with its awe-inspiring 9000 puff rate. Vapers love to get hold of this disposable because it offers a trouble-free and unparalleled vaping experience. With AL9000, you can now readily track your e-liquid levels with its sound e-liquid indicator, helping you from getting caught off guard by sudden surprises of e-juice depletion – ensuring they never run out without warning. Moreover, the battery indicator informs you when it needs a recharge while giving you ample time to plug it in. The selling point of these reliable indicators is you are in a non-fussing and convenient vaping mode every time without any hassle.

Smok Novo Disposable 9000 With Industry – First 0.7ohm Coil

Check out Smok Novo Disposable 9000 since it is the only disposable vape with a 0.7ohm coil developed with cutting-edge automation technology. This incredible coil is designed for a more prosperous and smoother hit than ever before. It’s like having an open vape system in a disposable that gives vapers an unmatched vaping experience. The unconventional mesh coil makes each puff denser and more pleasing, perfect for cloud chasers, and maintains consistent flavor bursts every time you take a puff. Believe me, its prized Type-C charger makes recharge the least daunting while determining that it’s always ready for your on-the-go vape demands.

The NOVO BAR AL9000 Vape encapsulates comfort and elegance, an incredible vaping solution that caters to diverse vaping fantasies. Moreover, it features an intricate, modern, and convenient design that does not compromise functionality and performance. It is genuinely a testament to the brand’s ideology to offer only top-notch vaping experience. Whether you have just started your vaping journey or are a seasoned enthusiast, the AL9000 is an excellent choice concerning its longevity, handy style, and ease of use in a single-inclusive package that ensures pleasant vaping every time. Explore the myriad online disposable vape shop that features multiple vape disposables, each tuned for different vape needs and taste buds. Pick your favorite one for a seamless vaping venture that also aligns with your pocket size, turning vaping into an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

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Blackberry Razz, Blue Razz Lemonade, Clear, Fresh Mint, Fresh Mint, Fresh Mint, Honeydew Melon Mint, Kiwi Dragonfruit Berry, Orange Peach, Pink Lemonade, Polar Ice, Razz Banana, Root Beer, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Ice


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