15 Best 0 Nicotine Vapes of 2024

Vape Without the Guilt

Cutting down on nicotine or entirely eradicating nicotine consumption from the vaping equation altogether can be induced by several factors. Is it possible to give up on vaping without looking for an alternative? The excellent part is that countless vape brands offer the Best 0 nicotine disposable vape. Now, there is no need to become a slave to the nicotine habit and constantly feel a pang of guilt. Quitting nicotine has become more accessible while not compromising on blowing clouds. Let’s delve into 15 excellent zero-nicotine vapes of 2024 so you can resume your vaping journey with all the great tastes that vaping offers without nicotine shame.

1- Melody Max Pro

Melody Max Pro is renowned for offering vapers subtle tastes that aren’t too overwhelmingly sweet. It has a cool soft-touch exterior casing, and all its features are beginner-friendly, meaning if you are new to vaping, puffing won’t be a complicated game. This disposable is already stuffed with exactly 11ml (about 0.37 oz) of e-liquid, which is quite hefty considering the device’s nifty look. You can recharge the device repeatedly unless all the sumptuous e-liquid is finished. Also, you get a whopping 5000 puffs from Melody Pro Max. If you want to go nicotine-free, this is an excellent choice to reach your goal. Rechargeable Vapes have an inbuilt simplicity that ensures maximum output and convenience. Plus, they offer vapers a great deal of freedom to customise their vaping experience according to their desires. The good thing is that they have a robust battery system that takes minutes instead of hours to boost your disposable device and get you vaping again instead of throwing it away once the e-liquid depletes.

2- Puff Bar Ultra Zero

Puff bar Ultra-Zero is another vaping disposable with zero-nicotine strength and a remarkable 8000 puffs of nicotine-free essence. This has a credible battery endurance supported by a smooth MTL draw. Whoever is in the vaping scene must have heard of Puff Bars for their reliable vaping gear. The recent ultra-zero is prudently crafted for vapers looking to wipe out nicotine completely. Right from the first drag, it offers voluminous and rich vapor that is more addictive than nicotine without feeling guilty about it. You will find approximately 14 plus flavors, typically minty and fruity aromas.

3- EB Design BC5000

Each EB BC5000 offers an outstanding user-friendly vaping dose and a 5000+ puff rate. With BC5000, forgetting about nicotine is a breeze. It has a juice tank filled with moreish 13ml (about 0.44 oz) of e-juice and a wide variety of 42 flavor options with non-nicotine strength. The device offers 5000 puffs, a sturdy 650mAh battery, and a Type-C charging port, making vaping a wholesome and uninterrupted experience.

4- Lost Mary OS5000

What you will love about Lost Mary OS5000 is its suave hits despite its zero-nicotine content. Moreover, you will experience mesmerising cloud production with each draw that is as smooth as butter, unlike the harsh throat feels associated with typical disposables. It features an excellent mesh coil that boosts the flavor profile and makes dense clouds. All its prefilled 10ml (about 0.34 oz) of e-juice is made with zero nicotine strength. So, in a single gear, you get a 5000-puff rate, a rechargeable and long-lasting battery capacity, and an adaptable Type-C charging port of supreme quality.

5- Geek Vape RAZ CA6000

Geek Vape is designed to offer an inimitable 0mg nicotine vaping journey. It combines convenience, style, and performance you will hardly find in other disposables. This friendly vaping gear prides itself on its cutting-edge draw activation and innovative airflow adjustment for customized sessions. This vape is considered the epitome of zero-nicotine vaping in the true sense that it is not only free of addictive substances but offers unsurpassed quality and vaping pleasure. It brings together advanced technology and vibrant designs for an unmatched vaping ride.

6- Meta Drop NTN Disposable (6000 Puffs)

If you love zero nicotine disposable, Lost, Mary BM600 is best for you because it is convenient and lightweight and has a wide range of flavor palettes to choose from. Lost Mary is an extension of Elf Bar, and both brands always strive for reliability and quality in the disposable market. Discreteness is one of the reasons that compels vapers to choose Lost Mary. They are exquisitely slim, square-shaped, and sleek, with a discrete amount of vapor that looks apt for social gatherings.

7- Insta Bar Disposable Vape 5000 Puff

Insta Bar allows you to enjoy vaping to the fullest without compromising on flavor. Say goodbye to nicotine with its stimulating array of flavors such as mango, peach pineapple, strawberry blueberry ice, blue burst, menthol ice, and many more; each puff is delicious. For eco-conscious vapers, this disposable is not just nicotine-free but also one of the most sustainable vapes available on the market. Moreover, it is made of PLA plastic that can be easily recycled.

8- Riot Squad Q Bar

This is a one-of-a-kind nicotine-free disposable that offers scrumptious nicotine-free vape juice for a memorable vape journey devoid of harmful chemicals. Try its mind-blowing e-juice flavors, such as grape juice, triple mint, or any other tempting flavor, to indulge in nicotine-free vaping. The good thing is that this disposable requires no maintenance because it is draw-activated and has a powerful 500mAh battery; all you need to do is inhale, start puffing, and enjoy 600 puffs.


Try out SOFI X9000. These ingenious disposable features zero percent nicotine. It has a 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, 18ml (about 0.61 oz) pre-filled juicy e-liquid, and a brilliant display screen to easily track your vaping journey, puff count, and battery usage for satisfying vaping.

10- FLONQ Max Smart

This premium vaping disposable is for those who prefer a nicotine-free vaping experience but don’t want to miss out on flavor and performance. This enthralling device has a delicious 14ml (about 0.47 oz) e-liquid with an unbelievable 10,000 puff rate. This innovative disposable is ideal for vaping, exclusively tailored for relaxation and savor. It has an excellent mesh coil that ensures luxurious and velvety vapor production.

11- SKE Crystal Bar

SKE is new in the disposable scene. It has a slick design, and all its colors are eye-catching. The SKE Crystal Bar offers an incredible range of berry, fruit, mint, and beverage flavors. It is also very lightweight and fits easily in bags and pockets and its integrated battery system can give you around 600 puffs.

12- Elux Legend 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape 0mg

Elux Legend disposable vape impressively offers vapers 0 mg of nicotine to help them lead a more fulfilling life without the toxicity of nicotine. Since it is short of nicotine, it does not need any TPD registration, but on the other hand, all its toxicology reports have been formally approved. Now, vape recklessly up to 3500 puffs with its state-of-the-art automated inhale activation. It is comfortably portable and ergonomically stylish.

13- Aroma King Disposable Vape 0mg

When it comes to Aroma King, there is an unwavering promise of aesthetic pleasure, comfortable grip, and security reflected in all its disposables. Aroma King has successfully covered nicotine-free disposables to help individuals cease their nicotine dependence. This disposable vape comes pre-filled with a sumptuous 2ml (about 0.07 oz) e-juice of your desired flavor. Interestingly, it has got you covered with its exotic 26 engaging flavor profiles and a striking 600 puff rate for a reliable vaping session for those who vape occasionally.


The most attractive part about this disposable is its comprehensive flavor range. Dive in its tasty flavor options, including tantalising mango frost, icy menthol, and sweet blue B ice. Each taste caters to a specific penchant for flavor preferences. Further, if you are switching to zero nicotine for a healthier alternative, Posh MAX 2.0 is an all-around nicotine-free substitute, which is its big selling point. This way, you can gradually minimise your nicotine dependence altogether. As you know, plenty of vape juice is on the market worldwide. Opting for cheap refillable vapes lets you relish in those varieties of flavor options by consistently stuffing up your vape tank with new flavors each time you vape. This allows vapers to refill their vape pens effortlessly by exploring novel e-liquids to immerse themselves in the diverse range of creative flavor pallets.

15- Snow-wolf Disposable

The last disposable that has won hearts in 2024 is Snow Wolf, which has emerged as a 0 mg disposable vape. It’s a great option if you are looking to wean off or completely ward off nicotine from your life; going for Zero from Snow Wolf will help you with your target. It comes in handy with a 14ml (about 0.47 oz) e-juice and about 5500 puffs to make vaping a delectable experience. And with that, you get complimentary USB Type-C charging, a 650mAh battery, a 1.0ohm mesh coil to amplify your e-juice intensity, and an 11W battery output for a seamless vaping experience.

To wrap up, all the above recommendations of vapes with zero nicotine in 2024 are based on making your transition from nicotine to no nicotine easier and smoother. Choose which vape best suits your needs and preferences regarding flavor, performance, or quality. Hopefully, you will pick wisely to successfully eliminate your nicotine consumption and lead a much healthier life without vaping from your routine. Most vapers miss out on the intriguing fact that a zero-nicotine disposable vape also combines similar ingredients to any other regular vape but minus the nicotine content. Many vapers have reduced their nicotine intake to about 1.5 mg or 3mg and are considering starting vaping zero mg to enhance their well-being.


Q1: Why choose 0 nicotine vapes in 2024?

A1: One substantial reason to turn to 0 nicotine vapes in 2024 is that there is a large segment of vapers who have become more health conscious about nicotine’s hazardous health implications, and many studies are developing on the harmful effects of nicotine on the human body. Other segments of vapers are more interested in the social aspect of vaping, and zero-nicotine vaping can help them integrate into social life fully without facing the stigma associated with nicotine use.

Q2: Are there any health concerns with 0 nicotine vapes?

A2: There are no major health concerns when consuming zero nicotine vapes since it is perceived as a safer alternative to toxic tobacco products. However, it is vital to note that vaping, even when it is nicotine-free, can still pose health concerns in the long run with consistent use for a long time.

Q3: Can 0 nicotine vape help quit smoking? Any success stories?

A3: Yes, in many instances 0, nicotine vapes have proved helpful in quitting smoking for several individuals. As for success stories, there is no specific anecdotal account of individuals who have successfully quit smoking by using 0 nicotine vapes. However, Professor John Newton, who is a Director of Health Improvement at PHE, stated that vaping, particularly zero nicotine vapes, is one of the best things for a conventional smoker, and much evidence has shed light on how vaping has proved beneficial by helping around 50,000 smokers abandon smoking a year.

Q4: Key factors when selecting the best 0 nicotine vape in 2024?

A4: Ensure certain vital factors when selecting the best 0-nicotine vape in 2024. Firstly, certify that each specification of your zero-nicotine disposable is properly labelled along with all the ingredients used. Look for nicotine strength even when opting for zero nic vapes; remember to investigate the manufacturing and expiry date. Secondly, it is imperative to research the brand’s reputation for providing a one hundred percent zero vape solution or zero nicotine vape juice. You can search relevant reviews and feedback to ensure quality and overall satisfaction with the vape disposable.

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