Can You Bring a Vape On a Cruise Ship?

Hello, fellow travelers and vape enthusiasts! Today, we’re tackling a common question that pops up for those of us who enjoy vaping but also love cruising: Can you bring a vape on a cruise ship? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know before you pack your bags and your vape gear.

Understanding Cruise Line Policies

First things first, each cruise line has its own set of rules when it comes to vaping. Generally speaking, yes, you can bring a vape on most cruise ships, but there are quite a few rules you’ll need to follow. The key here is to check with your specific cruise line before you travel because what’s okay on one ship might be a no-go on another.

Where Can You Vape on a Cruise Ship?

Just having your vape with you on the ship isn’t the end of the story. Where you can actually use it is another matter. Most cruise lines have designated areas for vaping, where you may use devices like the 0% nicotine disposable vape to comply with both personal and ship-wide health standards. It’s rare to find a cruise that allows vaping in indoor public areas or in the cabins. Yes, not even in your own room! This is mainly to ensure safety and comfort for all passengers, considering the shared ventilation systems.

Cruise Ships That Allow Vaping & Why

Let’s break down the vape policies on different types of ships and why they exist—without all the fluff:

1. Mainstream Cruise Ships

Big-name lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian typically allow vaping, but only in specific spots. They set up these rules to:

Keep everyone comfy: They know not everyone likes to be around vape clouds.
Stay safe: Specific areas minimize fire risks from batteries.
Follow the law: Ships must stick to a bunch of international and local regulations.

2. Luxury and Boutique Cruise Ships

Fancier ships might tighten up the rules a bit to keep the upscale vibe and because their passengers might prefer a vape-free environment.

3. River Cruises

Smaller ships cruising rivers have tighter spaces, so they often have stricter vaping rules. It’s all about space and catering to the crowd.

4. Expedition Ships

On adventure cruises, like those heading to the Arctic, safety is a huge deal, especially with the fire risks associated with vaping devices.

5. Ferries and Short-Distance Ships

These depend a lot on where they’re operating. For example, European ferries might be chill with vaping on deck, but U.S. ferries? Not so much.

Why Even Have These Rules?

Safety first: Fire on a ship? No, thank you.
Laws and rules: Ships have to play nice with the laws of wherever they are or wherever they’re going.
Keeping the peace: It’s all about making sure both vapers and non-vapers can have a good time.
Health stuff: Even though vaping is less harmful than smoking, some folks worry about secondhand vapor.

The bottom line? Always check with your cruise line to make sure you’re in the clear about their vaping policies. No one wants surprises that could dampen their vacation vibes!

What About Bringing E-Liquids?

When it comes to e-liquids, you can generally bring them on board, but again, check the specific amount you’re allowed to carry as per your cruise line’s policy. It’s wise to bring enough e-juice to last the trip, as purchasing more on the ship or in foreign ports can be costly. You might consider looking at options for disposable vapes online before your departure.

Traveling with Vape Equipment

Traveling with vape equipment requires a bit of savvy, especially if you prefer a cheap rechargeable vape for its cost-efficiency and usability. Always pack your vape gear in your carry-on luggage, not checked baggage. You might prefer a device like the 8000 puff disposable vape or the 10000 puff disposable vape, depending on your personal vaping needs.. This is particularly important for vape batteries, which pose a fire risk and are typically required by airlines to be carried in cabin luggage where they can be monitored. Also, it’s a good idea to disassemble your device (if possible) to avoid any issues during security checks.

Security Checks and Embarkation

When boarding, your bags will go through a security check similar to airport screening. Your vape gear will also need to be screened, so make it easily accessible to speed up the process and avoid hold-ups. Be upfront with security about your vape gear to dodge any unnecessary complications.

International Waters and Local Laws

Remember, once your ship sails into international waters, it doesn’t mean all rules fly off the deck. Cruise ships generally adhere to certain regulations consistent with their country of origin or registration. Plus, when you dock in different countries, you must comply with their local laws concerning vaping. Some places might have stricter rules than others, which could include fines if caught vaping where it’s prohibited.

Etiquette and Consideration

Even in designated areas, always be considerate of your fellow passengers when vaping. Not everyone appreciates the clouds, regardless of how tasty your flavor might be! Being mindful and respectful can go a long way in ensuring everyone has a pleasant journey.

Why the Restrictions?

You might wonder why all these restrictions exist if vaping is allowed on the ship. Safety is the primary concern. Vapes, like any device that involves batteries and heating elements, can pose a fire hazard. Also, the comfort and health of all passengers are a priority for cruise lines, hence the strictly designated areas.

Preparing for Your Trip

To ensure a smooth sailing experience, here are a few tips for the vape-carrying cruiser:

Check the Cruise Line’s Policy: Before you even pack, make sure you understand your cruise line’s specific policies regarding vaping.
Pack Smart: Keep your vape gear, such as cheap refillable vape pens, in your carry-on and ensure they are easily accessible for security checks.
Bring Sufficient Supplies: Pack enough e-liquid and any spare parts like vape coils for sale that you might need as these can be hard to come by on board or at certain destinations.
Know the Law: Be aware of and comply with the laws of the ports you will be visiting.
Vape Responsibly: Only use your vape in designated areas and be considerate of others.


So, can you bring a vape on a cruise ship? Absolutely, but make sure you’re playing by the rules. Cruising is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, and by respecting the guidelines and your fellow passengers, you can ensure that your vaping doesn’t rock the boat. Happy vaping and smooth sailing!

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