Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable



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Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable


  • Puff: ~10000 puffs
  • Brand: Binariescabin
  • Dimension: 53 x 26 x 97
  • Capacity: 20ml
  • Atomizing Core: 1.0 ohm + 1.0 ohm (Binary Mesh Coils)
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh (Rechargeable)
  • 0% Disposable (0% Nic)


Orange | Pink Lemonade Ice | Blue Raspberry | Pina Colada | Pina Colada | Pina Colada | Lush Ice | Banana | White Chocolate Matcha Ice | Strawberry | Watermelon Raspberry Ice | Mango Lychee Ice | Green Grape Apple Ice | Cherry Coke Ice | Vanilla Lemon Tart | Guava Ice | Strawberry Banana | Peanut Butter Chocolate | Peach | Green Grape Ice | Lychee Ice | Grape Ice | Mango Ice | Cotton Candy | Aloe Mango | Vanilla Ice Cream | Peach Blue Razz Bubblegum | Strawberry Sour Belts | Spearmint | Winter Special Edition – Strawberry Red Velvet Cake | Winter Special Edition – Cranberry White Hot Chocolate | Clear | Strawberry Watermelon IceMango Apple Ice | Triple Berries Ice | Pomegranate Peach Ice | Grape Blackberry Ice


1x Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable

Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff Disposable: For Prolonged Vaping Sessions

The ultimate HorizonTech Binaries Cabin Disposable is constantly rocking up the vaping world with its mesmerizing 10,000 puff count, giving a nonstop vaping experience. With Horizon Binaries Cabin disposable, you will always feel gratified with its myriad and appealing range of flavors, making vaping more customized and delectable. It is the first ever disposable vape in the vape town that gives you whooping uncountable puffs, ideal for cloud chasers to indulge in killer clouds.

The Horizontech Binaries 10k Has a Color to Match Your Style

Horizontech Binaries Cabin 10000 packs a solid 5% nicotine punch with a 12ml juice load if you are looking for a chill vaping session. It is specially designed to give vaping enthusiasts a fitting vaping solution with a high capacity corresponding to its large puff count. Additionally, Horizontech offers a crazy 99% nicotine restoration thing, which you will hardly find in other disposable vapes. With no requirement for refill and recharge, it becomes a perfect catch for seasoned vapers as well as newbies unveiling the vaping world. Ready to be taken straight out of the box and ready to roll, Horizontech Binaries is obtainable in a bunch of colors, each confirming a unique flavor. Make it a breeze to identify your preferred flavor that matches your vaping lifestyle. These spirited aesthetic colors add to the overall vibe of this slick and stylish vape disposable.

Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Is Worth Your Every Penny

Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 is worth buying since it potentially offers better value in the long run. You can expect it to cover way more mileage to outlive several other disposables- it is the MVP of disposable vapes. With the significant puff count, it offers a serious bang for your buck. If you are looking for a nicotine-free vaping option, try considering Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff 0% Zero Nicotine Disposable, available in unlimited flavors such as Watermelon Raspberry Ice, Blue Raspberry, Mango Lychee Ice to Orange, and enjoy sweet and tangy vaping to kick away nicotine dependence. 10000 Puff Disposable is becoming the first ever disposable comprising a sick dual mesh coil (binary)and a sumptuous massive 20ml juice tank reservoir. On top of that, it allows you to mess with the airflow at the bottom and modify the binary cabin to your desired vape hits. With a USB-C charging port, you can quickly charge your device and top it up with a 650mAh battery. The 10,000-puff capacity with its unrivaled top-rate coil and wicking system will keep you hooked until you hit the 10,000 mark, starting from the very first puff.

Horizontech Binaries Cabin 10000 9 Nailing in The Vaping World

Horizontech Binaries Cabin 10000 Puff can easily become your long-lasting pocket companion if you are seeking a perfect marathon vaping session. Its additional draw-activated feature allows you to enjoy each flavorsome vape drop with ease. Remarkably nailing in vaping, it provides vape fanatics with an extraordinary blend of endurance and flavor intensity. You can indulge in prolonged vaping with diverse powerhouse flavors ranging from Peanut Butter Chocolate, White Chocolate Matcha Ice, Cherry Cola Ice, Pina Colada, Vanilla Lemon Tart, and Pink Lemonade Ice. It promises to deliver smooth throat hits and enthrall your vaping venture with dense clouds and a compact flavor profile like in vaping heaven. This 10k puff beast is not about throwing numbers around but a pledge to keep you hooked on hardcore vaping.

If you are seeking a vape kit that brings back 99% of the flavor, the Horizon Binaries Cabin, with its incomparable 10K Puffs, can be the real deal for you. The Horizon Binaries Cabin Disposable Pod Kit has got you covered with its striking RDL and MTL vaping vibes. It lets you enjoy rich and mouthwatering full-flavored vapor every time you vape. So what are you waiting for? Grab one Horizontech to immediately start your sweet, overwhelming vape journey. It is not just a simple vape gadget but a cloud-churning experience to keep you addicted.

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Orange, Pink Lemonade Ice, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Pina Colada, Pina Colada, Lush Ice, Banana, White Chocolate Matcha Ice, Strawberry, Watermelon Raspberry Ice, Mango Lychee Ice, Green Grape Apple Ice, Cherry Coke Ice, Vanilla Lemon Tart, Guava Ice, Strawberry Banana, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Peach, Green Grape Ice, Lychee Ice, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Cotton Candy, Aloe Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, Peach Blue Razz Bubblegum, Strawberry Sour Belts, Spearmint, Winter Special Edition – Strawberry Red Velvet Cake, Winter Special Edition – Cranberry White Hot Chocolate, Clear, Strawberry Watermelon IceMango Apple Ice, Triple Berries Ice, Pomegranate Peach Ice, Grape Blackberry Ice


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